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window replacement raleigh, window repair raleighThe right windows make a stunning impact on your home’s exterior and brighten your home’s interior. Windows also help improve energy efficiency, adding value to your most important investment. With maintenance-free trims and easy- to-clean options, new windows can simplify the care of your house. We take pride in offering the top name brands in the replacement windows industry.

Common Window Styles

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows are large windows, commonly present in a living room. They are usually comprised of three windows and often protrude from the exterior wall of a home at 30-, 45- or even 90-degree angles. Generally, the middle window is the largest one and cannot open, but the two smaller side windows can.

Picture Windows

Any single large pane of fixed glass is referred to as a picture window. It’s as if the pane captures an artistic picture of the outdoors for the people standing in front of it. The compromise for this unobstructed view is that the window cannot be opened to provide ventilation, an issue which can be overcome by adding casement windows to the surrounding area or to the cross walls.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the earliest modern window unit, and are divided into two main sections – a fixed screen section and a window pane section that slides up and down. These windows are raised, lowered and remain open thanks to a system of counter weights on either side of the window housing, which prevent the window pane from closing once it‘s opened.

Specialty Windows

Eyebrow Windows

Once very popular in Greek and Italian Revival homes, eyebrow windows are fixed light windows with gently arched tops, similar in curvature to the human eyebrow. In historic homes, eyebrow windows can still be identified as the small, lightweight windows that are built into attics and top moldings.

Tinted Windows

A home’s windows can be subtly tinted to reduce the sun’s glare and to deflect some of the heat that may otherwise be absorbed by air conditioning. Our Clients have noticed a difference in their cooling bills after they added tinting to their windows.

Stained Glass

Stained glass can add a dimension of color to your home that changes with the weather outside. Sunny days will flood your home with joyful colors that disappear with the clouds. Stained glass eliminates the need for window treatments, as the color in the glass maintains privacy and helps prevent sun damage to indoor items.


A skylight is a window in the ceiling, thus it allows natural light to enter your home from above. Skylights are a great way to brighten a dim room and cut down on energy costs. Since installing a new skylight involves ripping out a part of the ceiling and roofline, they are expensive additions. Furthermore, they must be sized properly or they may allow too much light and heat into a room.


Sidelights are long, skinny windows that appear on one or both sides of an entry door. They usually run the whole door height, from floor to door top, but sometimes are limited to the upper half of the door height.

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