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  1. 10 Steps for Winterizing Your Home Indoors

    Cooler temperatures are a reminder that winter is on its way. Though the calendar says winter is still a week away, it is important to begin preparing your home and family now. In our previous post, we discussed ten steps for winterizing the outside of your house. In this article, we will lay out ten […]

  2. 10 Steps for Winterizing Your Home Outdoors

    Winters are notoriously unpredictable in Raleigh, NC. This fall we have endured significant temperature swings, historic flooding, and drought conditions. Experiencing all four seasons every year keeps homeowners on their toes. Before the weather turns cold, it is important to make sure you prepare your house for winter. In this article and the next we […]

  3. Energy Efficient Siding Options

    Summer and winter temperatures account for the vast majority of your home’s energy usage. Maximizing your home’s energy efficiency is key to reducing your energy bills. If you are ready to reduce your energy usage, consider energy efficient siding options. R Value and Siding R-Value measures the energy efficiency of building materials and appliances. A […]

  4. 7 Quick Window Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Summer

    Warmer weather is here, bringing with it humidity, and thunderstorms with heavy wind and rain. Like other systems in your home, your windows require regular maintenance to ensure they are performing at their peak. We have compiled seven quick tips to help ensure your windows are ready for summer.

  5. Should You Worry About Mold During Drought?

    After above normal rainfall through fall and winter, spring has been abnormally dry in Raleigh, NC. It is easy to let your guard down during seasons of drought; however, it is still important to remain vigilant against the development of mold and mildew. We have compiled five tips to help you guard against the mold […]

  6. How to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

      It’s spring in North Carolina and Raleigh residents are already feeling the effects of pollen allergies. The pollen count has been in the range considered high (9.7 to 12.0—the maximum) every day this week. Allergies are not just an outdoor threat. Even inside your home pollen and other irritants can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers. […]

  7. Are Your Windows Drafty?

    What if we told you, up to 25% of your heating and air conditioning escapes through your home’s windows? It would probably make you pretty “hot.” Joking aside, drafty windows will your energy usage to skyrocket, which will cost you money. Drafty windows are commonly caused by: Worn out weather stripping Caulking becoming old and cracked Leaks […]

  8. Roof Damage During Summer

    Even though summer technically started this weekend, we have already experienced weeks of sweltering heat and severe storms in Raleigh, NC. Extreme heat, gusty winds, and large hail can take a toll on your roof. During this volatile season, we want to help you know when and how to look for signs of roof damage. […]

  9. Moisture Issues as Summer Approaches

    June 1st first was the official beginning of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season. Though North Carolina residents have not experienced a direct hit from a major hurricane in several years, long time Raleigh residents know that storms cause a lot of damage, even this far inland. In 2015, the Triangle has already been brushed by […]

  10. Upgrading for Energy Efficiency?

    As spring transitions to summer, we are reminded of the stress that heat and humidity put on our homes and wallets. In Raleigh, we experience all four seasons every year. Snow, rain, wind, and even the sun leave their mark every year on the exterior of your home. When your windows and siding get old […]