Moisture Issues as Summer Approaches

ponding-water-crawlspaceJune 1st first was the official beginning of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season. Though North Carolina residents have not experienced a direct hit from a major hurricane in several years, long time Raleigh residents know that storms cause a lot of damage, even this far inland. In 2015, the Triangle has already been brushed by a tropical storm, and it is rare for this area to not be affected by significant tropical downpours during the summer.

Problems with Moisture in the Home

Whether it’s from summer storms or condensation due to humidity, moisture in your home can cause serious problems. Problems caused by moisture include

  • Mold and mildew require moisture to grow and thrive. Mold can aggravate allergies and asthma, and can be very difficult to remove according to Remtech Environment (link).
  • Moisture can lead to cracked and peeling paint, as well as expensive wood rot.
  • Your HVAC system has to work extra hard when your home is humid, according to All American Heating and Air (link).

Causes of Moisture in the Home

mold-crawlspaceHow does moisture get inside your home? When crawlspaces are not sealed and insulated, water can actually begin to pool underneath your home. Furthermore, deteriorating siding and seals around windows and doors can allow moisture to creep in your home. Clogged gutters can cause runoff to divert into your home, and worn out roofing will allow water to leak into your attic, often unbeknownst to occupants.

What to do If You Have Moisture in your Home

If you begin to smell musty odors (like that of a wet dog), see fog and condensation on the inside of your windows, or notice your heating and air conditioning system is working extra hard (causing your utility bill to rise), you likely have excess moisture in your home. Wendell Siding can help by:

  • Replacing doors and windows with new energy efficient ones
  • Replacing detonating roofing and siding
  • Cleaning and repairing clogged and damaged gutters
  • We can also repair wood rot caused by moisture

Do not let your moisture problem lead to even bigger headaches, give us a call today.